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The Holmes-Cruises under siege

Posted by on December 30th, 2008 Comments (64)

Anonymous are freaking out the Holmes-Cruises! Protesting Katie’s big Broadway play and Tom’s Valkyrie opening, the group has been making public life unpleasant for the Dianetics Duo all year, driving home the actors’ association with the cult of Scientology.

Apparently, since the Valkyrie thing in mid-December, Tom’s terrified and has called in the FBI. A source says “He doesn’t feel safe anywhere”.

Cruise has spent £5 million on an underground bunker in the grounds of his estate in Colorado. In August, threats were made to place anthrax in the air vents of his Los Angeles office.

Now we feel bad for pointing out that Katie looks like crap of late! Biological threats must be very stressful :(

Reports don’t specify that Anonymous was responsible for the anthrax threats; it could have been any number of people who hope to see Katie & Suri escape from Witch Mountain.

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Former employees sue Diskeeper over forced Scientology classes; Katie Holmes looks like crap

Posted by on December 23rd, 2008 Comments (2,739)

Two gentlemen, fired for refusing to attend mandatory Scientology classes at their place of work, are suing software firm Diskeeper for religious discrimination. Included in the lawsuit is a sanction preventing Diskeeper from making attendance at Hubbard Study Technology courses compulsory.

The company, who’s founder and chief exec Craig Jensen is a committed Scientologist, argues that religious instruction in the workplace is protected by the First Amendment, so the sanction is unconstitutional. Really? Forced cult classes are totally ok with the US government?

The German government was so spooked by the Co$ connection that the asked Microsoft if they could inspect the source code before Diskeeper, integrated into Windows 2000, was allowed to be used in government applications. There were some rumours the software would harvest data from user’s machines, presumably creating a database for Xenu’s nefarious purposes.

In other Scientology news, Katie Holmes looks god awful! Some say it’s her Broadway schedule or that she’s pregnant again, but they’re underestimating Tom’s mind control powers. Katie’s also sporting some weird cult-like vampire bites around her foot.

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Anonymous and Scientology face off in Shocktober: Who’s Winning? Cult 2; Hackers 2.5

Posted by on October 18th, 2008 Comments (5,648)

It’s been a busy month for Anonymous.

OCTOBER 8/08 Uwe Stuckenbrock died in a Los Angeles Scientology prison camp. (Win: Scientology)

OCTOBER 12/08 Nearby, four days later, a masked Anon peacefully protesting on L Ron Hubbard Way in LA was punched in the face by a Scientologist, who was summarily arrested. (Win: Anon)

OCTOBER 17/08 Katie Holms’ play All My Sons officially opened on Broadway, bringing the promised Anonymous protests and $684,002 in pre-opening box office. Rumors abound that Katie, tasting sweet freedom in NYC (and hopefully considerable personal consternation at the appearance of Anonymous), may be entertaining escaping the cult, and thereby Tom. (Win: 1/2 point to Anon for the protest, 1/2 point on hold til some celebrity rumors are substantiated)

OCTOBER 17/08 Teenager Dmitriy Guzner plead guilty in New Jersey for the January DDOS (Denial of Service) attacks on Scientology’s website. The “church”, like any non-profit organization, claims something in the hood of 70 grand in damages for the hours their site was down. (Win: Scientology)

OCTOBER 18/08 Today was the world-wide zombie-themedShocktober‘ protest, in which cities all over the globe saw protests of their local Scientology centers. Here’s munichnon‘s Flickr set of the Munich Day of the Lulzing Dead Reports are that protests in Ottawa and Quebec city were shut down by police. (Win: Anon)

OCTOBER SCORES: Co$: 2 | Anonymous: 2.5

The theatrical NY Anons zombie it up – lots of faces here, kids; don’t forget your masks.

And a pretty funny take on the original Anonymous video that started it all:

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Sweet freedom: Katie Holmes escapes Scientology in NYC

Posted by on October 13th, 2008 Comments (3,107)

Katie, as you know, hit Broadway a few weeks ago. The attendant Anonymous pestering must have been a wakeup call for how weird the rest of the world thinks her life is, because the young Scientologist is reportedly thinking of moving to NYC, where she’s a little more out of the cult’s clutches. The play actually opens this week, and Anonymous promise to be there.

And some Katie-inspired anti-Co$ video action from ‘fromacloset‘:

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Anonymous. Expect them. At Katie Holmes’ Broadway debut.

Posted by on September 24th, 2008 Comments (7,317)

So, Katie’s big thing debuted on Broadway this week, and as promised Anonymous were there to call attention to the cult of Scientology.

I just read something crazy. Apparently Marc Headley, an ex-Scientolgist A/V guy, says that Co$ actually arranged a fake casting call in order to dredge up chicks for the undatable Tom Cruise, back when Penelope split. Potential wife material included Jennifer Garner, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba. Only Scarlett took the bait, but freaked when she found out the “audition” was at the Scientology Center in LA and refused to make a tape. Katie Holmes, being much more impressionable/much less hot than the A-list, went for it, Tom just loved her and the rest is celebricult history!

This video also available on AnonTube, for when the American Rights Counsel [sic!] starts serving up those takedown notices ;)

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