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Beer for Sudan, cargo cults in Vanuata, Darwin usurps “God” as coinage slogan, and Santa vs. God

Posted by on December 15th, 2008 Comments (6,833)

It was a heck of a day in God thought!

The Sudanese, after 25 years of Muslim beverage oppression, are finally getting a brewery and a golden river of delicious beer. Here’s a refreshing glass to the Sudanese!

This Feb marks the 50th anniversary of a bizarre “cargo cult” in remote Vanuatu, wherein the message of Jesus-smitten missionaries was rejected in favour of American GI worship. John Frum (as in “I’m John, from America”) is literally the islanders messiah, and will hopefully be coming back soon to liberate the South Pacific from fine weather and tangy tropical fruits.

The British Royal Mint is issuing a £2 coin commemorating Charles Darwin’s accomplishments. In science we trust. Eat it, Tony Blair!

And an incisive analysis from Unreasonable Faith on the striking similarities betwixt God and Santa Claus. Santa ultimately has more positive evidence for his existence that the Good Lord, and is more reasonable in terms of fairness and overall punishment structure.

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